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ADP VISION Barbarella Marchesi is a creativist because creativity is a dynamic concept that invests every aspect of his life, as evidenced by his human and professional career. Class 1977, born by a family of Milanese entrepreneurs, Barbarella Marchesi immediately breathes a cultural ferment that pushes her to approach the world of fashion, experiencing the overwhelming experience of a brand that quickly leads to success. Nothing is fixed and everything changes and needs to be learned: this leads you to focus not only on the retail but on the product in the whole of its meaning thanks to an overview that confirms its ability to personalize and create identity Of the brand. Transversality and entrepreneurship are the key words of attention to a process of building things, applicable to every product sector. After the debut of the collection (2010) bearing its name - a genuine lifestyle, enveloping and personal, in which Barbarella finds and fills, as a container, always new energies, alongside the origin and the point of arrival Of a complex and fascinating journey, the shop - and then study - Atelier Du Project (2013), which completes the creative universe with a unique and evolving stylistic figure. A place to become that, from a simple search shop, turns into a manifestation
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